Natalia Rueda

Dancer. Instructor. Choreographer. Coach

Lindy Hop. Jazz. Balboa. Blues. West Coast Swing

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       “During Spring-Summer 2017 we had Natalia here at Lindy What? Nijmegen as a resident teacher.
Her greatest influence upon us came through her sheer energy and enthusiasm for Lindy Hop, which our students found truly infectious. At the end of a hard week, Natalia has an ability to draw tired and shy people out of their shells and get them having fun!

       Organizing classes and workshops with Natalia was extremely easy. She fits into your plans in the way that you would like her to do, whilst bringing her own creativity and ideas to build a curriculum that takes her students' dancing to the next level. We are really looking forward to welcome her back in 2018!”
Simon Brain. Dance School manager
Nijmegen, Netherlands

       “Atomic Swing Vancouver had the pleasure of bringing Natalia to Vancouver, where she ran our entire 2016 summer dance term with great success. During this time, she was in charge of the entire dance school program which included all aspects of class instruction, dance choreography, performance team programs and scheduling.

       Her enthusiasm, organization and efficiency was of great benefit to our school in general, while her skill set, knowledge and technical know how of Swing, Balboa and Lindy Hop dance disciplines was of great benefit to all our students. The experience is one that our school and all our students would be glad to repeat!”
Robert Helina. Dance School owner
Vancouver, Canada


       Well known for her vivacious yet highly technical teaching style, Natalia began teaching Lindy Hop at the Ottawa Swing Dance Society when she was 17 years old. Shortly after, she co-founded Ottawa's first dedicated Swing school, Swing Dynamite, where she taught and mentored students and teachers for 8 years.

       A Swing instructor of 14 years, Natalia has taught throughout Canada, the USA, Mexico, and the Netherlands. She speaks English, Spanish, and French, and is currently learning Dutch.
Natalia specializes in teaching Lindy Hop, Balboa and solo Jazz. She also has expertise in a range of dance styles, including Blues, Collegiate Shag and West Coast Swing.


       Building on her experience as a cheerleading captain in Colombia, Natalia began coaching Swing and Jazz teams at age 17. At 19, she had already led her first all-female dance team to a silver medal at the Canadian Swing Championships.  

       Since then, Natalia has trained Lindy Hop, Balboa, West Coast Swing, all-female Jazz, and co-ed Jazz teams, to earn bronze, silver, and gold medals at numerous competitions, including the Canadian national championships. She coaches and choreographs for teams of all levels and dance styles, and has an extensive portfolio of dance routines.

To see some of her favourites, go to: Video Gallery.

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